autism treatment by Valerie Dejean

How The Program Works

Why an Initial Assessment?

Prior to any treatment, as assessment takes place in a warm, caring environment designed to put youngsters at ease. Our evaluatorsuse a gentle, playful approach to get to know each child. We obtain detailed information from the child's family and test him or her when appropriate. Then we determine whether our program is a good match and begin to develop an individual plan for the client. Scheduling an initial assessment does not commit you to the full program.

Who is On the Spectrum Center Staff?

Our staff includes:

• Certified Tomatis consultants

• Highly-trained listening therapists

What Happens?

First Loop: 15-Day Intensive

We begin with fifteen days of two-hour listening sessions,including auditory stimulation, and sensory integration activities, Parent-staff conferences take place at the middle and end of this loop.

Second Loop: 8-Day Intensive

After a month we continue with eight days of two-hourlistening sessions. Clients may begin audio-vocal (microphone) work. Parent-staff conferences take placeat the beginning and end of this loop.

Third Loop: 8-Day Intensive

After a month or two we schedule the final eight days oftwo-hour sessions. Clients continue their individualized programs. Parent-staff conferences are held at the beginning and end of this loop. A final conference includes recommendations for follow-up and further treatment if appropriate.

What Are Listening Therapists?

In addition to our professional clinical staff, clients work extensively with listening therapists. Our listening therapists have backgrounds in pychology, early childhood development, and special education. They have extensive training in sensory integration theory and techniques, tactile stimulation and motor- planning activities, implementation of specialized child treatment plans, technical management of Tomatis systems, and Tomatis theory and methodology. Our listening therapists also undergo each of the tests and procedures that they administer to clients, and are strongly encouraged to participate in the Tomatis Method auditory stimulation program for themselves. Therapists also attend monthly in-service training in related topics.

How Do I know This Is the Right Therapy for My Child?

The Spectrum Center has treated individuals with autism, PDD, Asperger Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, sensory integration disorders, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, auditory processing disorders, language development disorders, dyspraxia, Executive Functioning Disorder, and genetic developmental disorders including Down's Syndrome, Bechwith-Wiedeman Syndrome, and Fragile X.

Our therapies have also helped children with school performance difficulties:

• Behavior problems and social difficulties

• Difficulty learning to read, write, or spell

• Trouble grasping mathematical concepts

Fee Schedule



These are the children who often fall through the cracks because something is not clicking for them even though nothing is blatantly wrong.

If your child has any of these diagnoses, or is experiencing inexplicable difficulties in school or social settings, consider scheduling him or her for an initial assessment with us. Our staff's evaluation of your child, combined with detailed information from you, can help us identify any underlying sensory integration or auditory processing issue that your child may have.

Are There Additional Programs?